Simulation boosts SA Army training capacity


The use of simulation as a cost-effective training aid in the landward arm of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) is moving forward with the acquisition of a GAMER Manpack live simulation system with support from Armscor.

“The system is a force-on-force live simulation one and is a solution for smaller instrumented force on force training in open environments as well as in enclosed areas such as buildings and ships. It is a man-portable, speedily deployable control and evaluation system based around small arms laser transmitters. Other elements are personal detection devices on battle jackets and helmets, a ruggedised laptop computer and a portable communication system,” said Kuben Thaver of Armscor.

The system now is use by the SA Army and field-tested for the first time during a mission readiness training exercise outside Bloemfontein.

The training and simulation team utilised the locally developed BattleTek Constructive Simulation System, IMPI Blue Force Tracking and associated software systems during the Command Post- and Commander’s Field Exercise to assist in declaring 5 SA Infantry Battalion “mission ready” for deployment to the DRC.

Manpack was fitted to 52 soldiers (own and opposition force members) and was successfully deployed during the Commander’s Field Exercise over a period of two days. The system’s value came to its full right at the After Action Review (AAR) where all senior officers and other military members present acknowledged the value the system added value to military exercises.

It was also in action during Exercise Young Eagle for airborne elements of the SA Army and planning is for it to be deployed again in planned landward force exercises.

Thaver said the acquisition was one which would increase the Army’s training capacity significantly without extra spend from an already constrained budget.