Shoke warns against attending “party political” meetings


South Africa’s top soldier is adamant no serving SA National Defence Force (SANDF) member will be allowed to attend meetings where “petty party political matters” are the agenda.

This is according to a statement issued by Siphiwe Dlamini, Department of Defence (DoD) head of communication.

The unedited statement reads: “It has come to the attention  of CSANDF, General Solly Shoke, that there is planning for a meeting where various serving senior military members have been or will be invited to attend to discuss matters currently affecting the ruling party in the country.

“General Shoke would like to state categorically without any contradiction and in no uncertain terms that no serving member of the SANDF will be or has been authorised to attend such purported meeting to discuss petty party political matters. The SANDF remains an organisation which is above politics serving the sovereign security interests of the Republic as mandated by the Constitution.

“The SANDF military command distances itself from calls to discuss any party political matter and would like to sternly warn any serving member of the SANDF to guard against discussing any party politics in the name of the military.”