Senior management among first recipients on Defence COVID-19 vaccination schedule


A schedule, without dates, has been released by the Department of Defence (DoD) for categories of personnel to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. Senior management will be among the first to receive vaccines along with healthcare workers.

A DoD News Flash dated 9 February has it vaccination will be done in three phases with the first being healthcare workers (acronymed to HCW) including “all health sector workers and key personnel”. Also in phase one are those at “senior management level”.

Phase two is “essential workers”. They are classified as “persons in congregate settings (military courses), persons older than 18 with co-morbidities, persons over 60 and military veterans”. Phase three is “other persons older than 18”.

The phased approach will be further prioritised with HCW divided into risk categories with people in priority categories being vaccinated first. “The risk categories are linked to PPE (personal protective equipment) risk categories and reflect the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Phase one, category one is “HCW in contact with COVID-19 confirmed patients”; category two is “HCW in contact with unconfirmed COVID-19 patients”; category three is “HCW not in contact with patients” and category four is “senior management level”.

Essential workers in phase two are “internally and externally deployed members, both Regular Force and Reserve Force on call-up” and “persons on military courses. Other phase twos identified for vaccination in this phase, again with no dates given, are Regular Force members and their dependents, Regular Force medical continuation fund members and dependents up to and older than 60 as well as military veterans.