SANDF will be out in force at AAD 2018


The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) will use the upcoming Aerospace Africa and Defence (AAD) exhibition as a showcase of what it has and can do in defence of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

This broad scope will see all four services – the SA Air Force (SAAF), SA Army, SA Military Health Service (SAMHS) and SA Navy (SAN) – contribute comprehensive displays showing aspects of the various skills and equipment resident in each. Additionally, Special Forces will display the specialist equipment used for their particular taskings while the Military Police, Chaplain Services, Human Resources, Logistics and the Reserve Force will also be part and parcel of an extensive indoor and outdoor SANDF display at AFB Waterkloof from 19 to 23 September.

The man behind the SANDF display, “Chappy” Holtzhausen, Assistant Director: Visual Communication, pointed to the outdoor component of particularly the landward force display as generating a lot of interest. “Hardware-wise” both the Armour and Artillery formations will have materiel and equipment including Rooikat and Olifant vehicles on display along with water purification equipment from the Sappers (Engineer Formation) and the various surveillance systems employed by the Intelligence Formation.

The MPs will also be part of the outdoor exhibit with motorcycles and quad bikes alongside a traffic control point, the equipment needed for a roadblock and an example of what a military detention barracks is.

The maritime service of the SANDF will have elements of its maritime reaction squadron (MRS) at AAD along with a squadron boarding boat and a riverine patrol boat, previously deployed in support of continental peacekeeping missions. A diving tank and qualified Navy divers will be on hand to give insight into this demanding, but rewarding, mustering.

Careers in the SANDF will again enjoy a high visibility as part of the indoor display where all four services and Special Forces will have a presence.
8 Medical Battalion of SAMHS will have at least one of its purpose-built military ambulances on display and emergency healthcare practitioners on hand to explain the intricacies of the equipment used to treat injured and wounded soldiers.

The programme for the popular mobility track displays, featuring tracked and wheeled vehicles, had not been finalised at the time of publishing this report. Indications are it and the flying programme should be available around mid-month. It is believed the SANDF will also be holding a mini-war combat demonstration as part of the air show days on 22 and 23 September.