SANDF still has no Confederations Cup, World Cup budget

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) must still be allocated a budget for supporting this June’s Confederations Cup and next June’s Soccer World Cup.  
This year`s defence budget, announced by Finance Minister Trevor Manuel last month, makes no provision for military support in safeguarding the events. The police have been given about R1.3 billion for the task but are unwilling to share this with the military.
The police expect to deploy some 41 000 officers to safeguard the soccer events – for which they have allocated R640 million and bought equipment and services worth R665 million.
“Of course we are asking for a budget,” says defence minister Charles Nqakula. “It is unfortunate that it happened. When the budget was submitted it related only to the SAPS. At the time the budget was submitted, we had not yet secured the permission of the President to involve the SANDF.
“I`m sure we`ll get funding,” he said last week on the sidelines of the 3rd Sea Power for Africa Symposium. He added the money will now likely be voted in October as an additional appropriation under the heading of unforeseen expenditure.
The SANDF has been preparing for the two soccer events for well over a year and have run a series of joint exercises with the police to test training and contingency planning. The latest, Exercise Shield 3, is currently underway in Gauteng and the North West Province.   
It is not clear where the SANDF is sourcing the funding to pay for its share of Shield 3 and its predecessors.
South African Civil Aviation CEO Colin Jordaan last week said the recent terrorist attacks in India and Pakistan – where the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked by gunmen – makes it safe to assume any major sporting event could attract evildoers.
“Some of the safety plans being tested at the moment include strict no-fly zones in close proximity in the run up and during the two events,” he said.
For this the availability of the SA Air Force will be crucial. 
The defence force`s Chief of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Themba Matanzima last month told journalists at a media briefing that the military believed it needed about R350 million.
The Pretoria News reported at the time that the Joint Operations Division`s chief director operations Rear-Admiral Phillip Schoultz had added this broke down as R95 million for the Confederations Cup as well as events leading to the 2010 tournament and R233 million for the main event itself.
Aspects budgeted for include command-and-control, maritime situational awareness (several stadia are within sight of the sea), airspace control, no-fly zone enforcement, aerial surveillance, airlift, landward reaction forces, infrastructure and specialist support including biological- and chemical defence teams, and the like.