SANDF shares legal expertise with Lesotho


The South African National Defence Force’s (SANDF’s) legal division has offered to assist its counterpart in the Lesotho Defence Force.

This emerged from a visit by the Lesotho Defence Force Legal Section to South Africa. The delegation arrived on 6 November and will depart on the ninth.

The SANDF said the Adjutant General of the SANDF, Major General Eric Mnisi will host the Lesotho Defence Force Legal Section as a step forward in forging relations and harmonising military legal systems of South Africa and Lesotho as the Southern African Development Community (SADC) states.
“The aim of the visit is to create cooperation between the two countries at a strategic level and for LDF to benchmark, share ideas and exchange expertise with the SANDF Legal Services Division. Both countries would like to move towards having SANDF Legal Practitioners appear before LDF military courts and vice versa,” the SANDF said.

The LDF delegation will also visit the military courts where they will observe a trial in progress and the various Directorates in Defence Legal Services Division of South Africa where they will be given presentation of the military legal systems in South Africa.