SANDF dismisses allegations of senior officers involved in ruling party meetings


The Chief of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), General Solly Shoke, has dismissed reports in the media that senior SANDF officers were planning to attend a meeting to discuss political issues affecting the ruling ANC party.

Shoke in a statement on 24 September reiterated that the National Defence Force of the Republic of South Africa is not part of any meeting that has been called and that the SANDF will not be party to any political initiative from any quarter, nor will such initiatives be tolerated.

This comes after reports that retired General Maomela ‘Mojo’ Motau had organised an ANC cadres’ assembly and extended an invitation to current and former SANDF members last week.

“The SANDF takes serious exception that individuals will call on serving generals to attend meetings of a political nature and denounces this kind of action. Serving members of the SANDF are reminded about the allegiance they have pledged to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and none other,” the SANDF said.

“The duty of the SANDF is to safeguard the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country and we shall do so without fear or favour,” Shoke stated.