SANDF academic year is underway


This week saw a start to the national defence force’s academic year with Chief of the SA Army welcoming the Class of ’22 to the Junior Command Staff Course at Army College in Thaba Tshwane.

Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha told the officers selected for this year’s course they are privileged because their participation in what Lieutenant Zarkia Tinambo reported is “an integrated programme that will result in an academic qualification” from Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Military Science. Mbatha went on to inform the Class of ’22 their course is part of the foundation for the Joint Senior Command Staff Programme, presented at the SA National War College to Lieutenant Colonels in preparation for promotion to colonel.

The senior soldier in the landward force, the largest component of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), said it is vital for soldiers to remain disciplined and balance intellectual enrichment with physical fitness.

Tinambo reports further on Mbatha’s address to officers gathered in the Thaba Tshwane town hall where he emphasised the year-long course would not be “a stroll in the park”.

“Hard work, determination and dedication be duly rewarded,” the three-star general said. “Intellectual knowledge is not for a certain rank level as each individual is capable of impactful input in achieving the objectives of the organisation”.