SAAF reportedly plagued by ill-discipline


A senior officer in the South African Air Force (SAAF) says that there is “rampant ill-discipline among members of the SAAF at most of the bases.” This statement is contained in an article compiled by the official magazine of the SAAF, Ad Astra.

Commenting during his annual staff visit to the Cape region in early May, the newly appointed Senior Staff Officer (SSO), Protection Service, Col Thabo Motaung, stated that if the malady of indiscipline was not cured in time, it would paralyse the air force.

Speaking to members of the protection squadrons, the article quotes Motaung saying that “indiscipline does not feature anywhere in my vision 2018 … it would not be tolerated and would be uprooted. There is a new shape in the protection services, with me in it; we would do it as prescribed in the military Code of Conduct.”

Severe budget constraints crippling the SAAF is also impacting on the ability of the SAAF to protect its bases and units. “I am contemplating suspending the annual staff visits to Squadrons, we might also have to reduce the functional and developmental protection training courses,” explained Motaung. The austerity measures introduced by the Department of Defence will result in no new vehicles being purchased during the current and next financial years.