SA, Tanzanian Reserve Force leaders meet

The Chief of the Reserve Force of the Tanzania People Defence Force (TPDF) is this week visiting his South African counterpart to “benchmark the SANDF Reserve Force system.”
Chief of SANDF Defence Reserves Major General Roy Andersen says the official visit will cover amongst others aspects “promoting the relationship between the SANDF and the TPDF, command-and-control in the SANDF and management of mobilisation and demobilisation.” 
He says the visit is an example of South African Military Strategy in action. SA`s military strategy requires the promotion of continental peace, security and stability in line with the New Partnership for Africa`s Development.
SA defence policy contemplates a small, regular “core force” and a larger, reserve “war force” that can be recruited, trained, maintained and mobilised as the military threat against SA rises.
The low military threat of the last two decades has severely eroded the Reserve Force budget. A greater commitment by the Army, Air Force and Navy to use and deploy Reserves in recent years has seen a gradual revival of the fortunes of their reserve structures.  
The International Institute for Strategic Studies credits the TPDF with 80 000 reservists and SA with about 41 000.