SA Army exercise kicks off at Lohatla


The South African Army has kicked off the Ukuthula 2018 exercise at its Lohatla combat training centre in the Northern Cape, involving dozens of vehicles and hundreds of personnel.

Ukuthula 2018 was officially declared open on Saturday 29 September during an all Arms of Service Parade by Brigadier General R.J. Coetzee, General Officer Commanding SA Army Training Formation during his visit to SA Combat Training Centre at Lohatla.

According to the SANDF, the first combat vehicle participating in Exercise Ukuthula left the Assembly Area on the afternoon of 1 October. This saw dozens of vehicles departing on the exercise, including Ratels, Mfezi armoured ambulances, logistics vehicles and Rooikat armoured cars.

Darren Olivier from African Defence Review notes that Exercise Ukuthula is the culmination of the Army’s annual training courses. “Unlike Exercise Ndlovu, which is a joint force preparation exercise under the auspices of JOPS, Ukuthula is run by the Army itself and isn’t necessarily aimed at any specific deployment scenario,” he stated.