SA Army announces new promotions


On 17 February, 36 newly appointed General Officers on the rank of Brigadier General were promulgated. Out of the 36, 32 Officers in the South African Army were promoted on 1 March.

Among the promoted General Officers, eight are appointed as General Officers Commanding as follows:
SA Army Air Defence Artillery Formation, Brigadier General LA Puckree.
SA Army Engineer Formation, Brigadier General AM Mahapa.
SA Army Signal Formation, Brigadier General B Peters.
SA 43 Brigade HQ, Brigadier General MA Mantshiyane.
SA 46 Brigade HQ, Brigadier General L Zicina.
SA Army Combat Training Centre, Brigadier General MP Mofokeng.
General Support Base Garrison, Brigadier General MR Mkhize.
Army Support Base Bloemfontein, Brigadier General M Hlalele.

A rotation on the commanding staff of SA Army HQ is as follows:
Deputy Chief Army Force Structure, Brigadier General I Aphane.
Deputy Chief Army Force Preparation, Brigadier General MP Sereko.
Deputy Chief Army Corporate Services, Brigadier General NA Ndou.

Chief of the SA Army, Lieutenant General LK Mbatha, informed the newly appointed General Officers that they must serve their members effectively, work together and take each other forward. He emphasized that there is a lot taking place currently and that they must hit the ground running, the SA Army said.

He reminded them that they must always be accountable to the people of the Republic of South Africa in general and the South African Army in particular, by means of conducting personal introspection, striving to be a stable element in our country; development and maintenance of sound corrective measures.

He also congratulated the General Officers who were appointed to other Services and Divisions and informed them to do well and keep the SA Army flag flying high and even strengthen the “pride” of lions.