Recruiting underway for SA Special Forces operators and Navy divers


It is widely accepted that soldiering, in the broadest sense of the word, is not an easy profession and there are certain musterings taking this further.

Special Forces, in South Africa part of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Joint Operations Division, and SA Navy (SAN) divers are two that stand out with both currently recruiting.

The Special Forces recruitment teaser is clear and simple, stating the motto and mantra “We fear naught but God” going back to the early days of these elite soldiers. It offers Military Skills Development System and Reserve Force soldiers to apply for what will be an arduous selection process, training in air, land and maritime military skills with the emphasis on “intensive”.

Recruiting officers are currently (23 April to 3 May) in the Free State province at Air Force Base (AFB) Bloemspruit, Bloemfontein (1-3 May); the School of Engineers, Kroonstad (22-23 April); 2 Field Engineer Regiment, Bethlehem (24-25 April) and 44 Parachute Regiment, Bloemfontein (29-30 April) interviewing prospective Special Forces operators currently doing two years of military skills development (MSD) training and Reserve Force soldiers looking to make a career move into the elite of the full-time force.

Meanwhile, qualified SAN diver instructors are also in recruitment mode, looking for men and women physically and mentally strong enough to join the ranks of the revered SAN divers. They are today (Tuesday) and tomorrow at the Karen Muir swimming pool in Kimberley and will, as in previous SAN diver recruitment efforts, visit major centres in all provinces seeking the right people for the job.

A prerequisite for selection for both Special Forces operators and SAN divers is a South African passport as dual citizenship is a no-no, and have no criminal record or visible tattoos.