Record number of bursaries awarded by SANDF Education Trust


Now in its fourth year of existence, the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Education Trust will by month-end have awarded 74 bursaries to deserving recipients to study at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

The Trust was established by SANDF Chief General Solly Shoke to assist the families of soldiers and civilian Department of Defence and SANDF employees killed or injured during the execution of their duties after 27 April 1994.

Major General Roy Andersen, SANDF Reserve Force Chief and trust chairman, said “donations collected and payments made for the current year are records”.
“We continue to collect more cash than we are spending with the aim of building up a substantial capital sum to ensure the trust is self-sustaining in the future.”

He pointed out new bursaries were awarded to first-timers who had not previously applied for assistance and both he and his fellow trustees were proud both students studying medicine passed.

In addition to its fundraising activities, the trust also actively works on locating young men and women who will benefit from bursaries. This is done via a marketing campaign across all four services of the defence force and has to date added 16 students at all three levels of study to the list of recipients.

Primary school bursaries with a value of R415 019, secondary school bursaries worth R234 909 and tertiary education ones valued at R697 673 bring the total bursary value for the current academic year to R1 347 601.

A further 10 bursaries are currently under evaluation. If successful they will add R335 400 to the million plus already disbursed.
“I am pleased we are reaching more qualifying beneficiaries. The children of our deceased and severely injured soldiers deserve to be educated and looked after,” Andersen said adding the trustees’ thanks to “all donors who generously assisted”.