Ratel rolls, zero injuries


More proof of the durability and strength of the SA Army’s current infantry fighting vehicle, the Ratel, was brought to the fore when one rolled en route to the SA Army Combat Training Centre (CTC) at Lohathla.

Details of exactly what caused the six-wheeled armoured vehicle to roll last week were not available but SA National Defence Force (SANDF) spokesman Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga said no-one aboard was injured.
“The vehicle itself is also in reasonable condition and will, in all probability, spend some time in a workshop before being returned to duty.”

He did not have details of which unit was vehicle was assigned to apart from it being a mechanised infantry one.

Indications are it was part of a convoy en route to the Northern Cape training ground from Bloemfontein when it rolled near Barkly West.

People who know the Ratel said it is “prone” to body roll or swaying when it goes faster than 80km/h.
“This can snowball and cause loss of control which leads to the vehicle rolling,” said one military watcher adding deaths had been reported as a result of Ratels rolling.
“This was because soldiers were standing in the open hatch with their upper bodies outside the vehicle.”

Picture: Courtesy of the Unoficial SAAF website