Power back at Dunnottar military base


Legal intervention by South Africa’s largest defence trade union saw power restored to the Dunnottar military base on Gauteng’s far East Rand.

Pretoria- headquartered Sandu (SA National Defence Union) took up cudgels on behalf of SA Army Engineer Formation sappers stationed at what was previously the SA Air Force’s (SAAF) Central Flying School when power was cut apparently due to non-payment.

Sandu said 150 families from 1 Construction Engineering and 35 Engineering Support regiments were affected by the Ekurhuleni Metro power cut. It was allegedly cut due to non-payment by the Department of Defence and/or the Department of Public Works of the municipal electricity bill.

Sandu said power was restored to the base while it was working on starting court action on Monday evening.

In a statement Sandu national secretary Pikkie Greeff said soldiers were without electricity for 19 days and the “collective power of Sandu and its ability to ensure the rights and interests of its members in uniform are respected Dunnottar would probably still have been in the dark”.

He added it was “shocking when one has to resort to legal action for the Department of Defence to treat its soldiers with dignity and respect”.