Passing-out parade at Army Gym


The SA Army is 172 newly minted second lieutenants better off following a passing out parade at the Army Gymnasium in Heidelberg this week.

The one-pip officers come into the landward force at the bottom of the commissioned officer ranks and will progress through lieutenant and captain ranks before reaching major, the “junior” rank for senior officers.

The parade at the south Gauteng military training institution was overseen by Army Gymnasium OC Colonel FN Maganwe with the Training Formation General Officer Commanding Brigadier General DJ Madie in attendance along with SA Army Chief Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha.

The three-star general told the newly commissioned officers they must be fair, firm and human to sub-ordinates, must maintain a high level of discipline and maintain integrity and high standards of military professionalism in executing their duties and responsibilities.

He encouraged those on parade to use of study opportunities available at the Military Academy, the Faculty of Military Science at Stellenbosch University and study programmes and courses at accredited academic institutions. The new additions to the landward force officer ranks were asked to ensure they have appropriate exposure in their specific fields of expertise and be flexible to gain experience in other SA Army environments.