Parliamentary Question: Defence update


Mr. D.J. Maynier (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:
(1). What are the names of the consultants used to assist the SA National Defence Force to produce (a.) Defence Update, (b) Air Force Vision 2015 and (c) SA Army Vision 2020;

(2). a. When did work relating to the compilation of each of these documents commence, (b) when was each document completed, (c) what was the (i) total cost and (ii) breakdown of such costs for each specified consultant used to produce each specified document and (d) what was the total amount paid to consultants to produce each specified document. 1134E


The reply is set out in the schedule attached hereto.


Consultants used for completion of Documents

Name of Consultants

Completion on each document

Total cost & breakdown on each document


Defence Update

The Defence Update 2025 (and Defence Strategy 2010-2030) was drafted by the Defence secretariat, SANDF and Armscor’s Defence Institute. External consultants were not used. Armscor’s Defence Institute was contracted to render scientific decision support and research services and they are not external consultants.

(a). Work on Defence Update 2025 was completed for presentation to Cabinet on 7 August 2008.






(b). Defence Strategy 2010-2030 was completed on 29 January 2010

Armscor (Defence Institute) was paid in FY04/05 (R106, 030.00), in FY05/06 (R112, 978.00) and in FY2006/07 (R147, 773.10)


(b). FY2009/10 (R193, 660.37


Air Force Vision 2015

Brigadier General P.J. van Zyl (Director Air Capability Plan) coordinated and compiled the Air Force Vision 2015. A team of researchers headed by Mr. Johan De Jager (Defence Institute – Armscor entity) provided inputs on one section of the document dealing with the origin of Air Power in the South African context.

The Air Force Vision 2015 is an updated revised version of Air Force Vision 2012. this 2012 document originated in 1999 and served as an initial benchmark document. Vision 2012 was subsequently updated and promulgated as Air Force Vision 2015 in November 2006

R 44 344







SA Army Vision 2020

The SA Army did not use consultants. A project team consisting of military members was compiled to research and write the SA Army Vision 2020

The work commenced in November 20205 and was completed in November 2006