No e-tolling for military vehicles


Close to 8 000 military vehicles have been fitted with e-tags but toll fees on Gauteng’s electronically tolled highways will not be charged even though their passage under gantries will be recorded.

“Only military vehicles that frequently use electronically tolled highways in Gauteng have been registered,” SANDF SSO Media Liaison Captain (SAN) Prince Tshabalala said, adding that specialised operational military vehicles will not be fitted with e-tags.
“In terms of the Defence Act, the Department of Defence is exempted from payment of toll fees.
“To enable administration of the exemption an agreement was reached with SANRAL (SA National Roads Agency Limited) that e-tags will be installed in the DoD commercial fleet.”

The road agency’s general communications manager Vusi Mona confirmed the SANDF was exempt from e-tolling “not because of an agreement between military authorities and SANRAL but in terms of e-road regulations gazetted by Transport Minister Dipuo Peters”.

To date 7 854 M-registered vehicles have been fitted with e-tags.

Specialist military vehicles such as Ratels and Mambas as well as tow trucks, tank transporters and others will be identified by their vehicle licence numbers (VLN) and will also be exempt from e-tolls.

Tshabalala said the e-tags were issued to the DoD at no charge with the only future cost envisaged being for the replacement of damaged or lost e-tags.

Another government department exempted from e-tolls is the SA Police Service while the metro police services of Gauteng’s three metropolitan municipalities – Ekhurhuleni, Johannesburg and Tshwane – are also exempted. Emergency vehicles, ambulances, firefighting and disaster management vehicles from these three local government authorities can also use the e-tolled Gauteng freeway system, currently comprising 198 km of highway, without having to pay tolls. This also applies to Gauteng provincial government’s ambulance, firefighting and disaster management fleets.

Mona said “qualifying private ambulances” could also apply for e-toll exemption.