Nineteen new SA Army generals


The end of last month saw SA Army Chief, Lieutenant General Lindile Yam, add 19 brigadier generals to the senior ranks of the landward force.

The new one star generals are I Arends, N. Bapela, Z.E. Beja, B.C. Bruiners, M.E. Gcaza, G.W. Lategan, M.T. Leketi, R.A. Makgae, A.A. Mauyoma, M.P.M. Mgobozi, M.R. Mongo, X.B. Ndlovu, V.Z. Ngcobo, K. Nompetsheni, M.P. Sereko, M.P. Shashape, S. Stratford, C. Terblanché, G. Thulare and M.J. Tyhalisi.

The SA Army website has it that Yam “inaugurated 19 SA Army senior officers who were promoted from the rank of colonel to brigadier general”.
“The inauguration was aimed at congratulating and preparing the newly appointed brigadier generals for a new phase in their careers as general and leaders in the SA Army.
“A high degree of political maturity, the sobriety to make sound decisions under trying circumstances and a sense of selfless volunteerism ensures there are always more hands to tackles volumes of tasks expected from SA Army generals,” according to the website.

The new generals all took the oath which states “I, Brigadier General (full name) hereby undertake to continue serving my country with loyalty and honour, to discharge my duties with zeal and diligence and to set a good example to those appointed under me. It is an honour to be admitted to the rank of the Generals”.

According to a June 2017 report by the Defence Force Service Commission (DFSC), there are ten Lieutenant Generals/Vice Admirals serving in the SANDF; 42 Major Generals/Rear Admirals (JG); 810 Colonels/Captains (SAN); 1 979 Lieutenant Colonels/Commanders and 2 179 Majors/Lieutenant Commanders. This excludes Reserve Force members.