Navy recruitment scam


Job market scammers are again targeting the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), specifically the SA Navy, at a time when many young South Africans are unemployed and desperately searching for work.

The military is regularly used by unscrupulous people intent on making money out of those who don’t earn any and the latest scam, using what purports to be an “official” application form for military skills development (MSD) training, has again elicited a warning from the SANDF.
“Historically, the Navy and other arms of service have advertised MSD once a year in national newspapers as well as on the SANDF website.
“We have been alerted to a Navy MSD application form currently doing the rounds and advise prospective MSD volunteers to ignore it,” an SANDF spokesman said.

The bogus form differs substantially from the official Navy MSD one in lay-out and content. For one it does not give any indication as to what mustering the prospective volunteer would prefer following.

The spokesman said anyone approached by people supposedly acting on behalf on the Navy’s recruitment office should obtain as much information as possible, without putting themselves in danger, and report the incident to the closest police station.
“Official recruitment is centralised at the SANDF recruitment centre in Pretoria. If there are any suspicions contact them on 012 339 4000,” he said.

Official recruitment documentation can be obtained from the SANDF website (

The SANDF has previously warned against similar scams in Western and Northern Cape, as well as Mpumalanga and North West. In these instances those signing up have been asked to pay a fee up to R400 to ensure acceptance into the military.
“The SANDF has and will never charge people to join,” he added.