Mbatha shows the way for commanders


Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha heads up the largest sharp end component of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) and holds regular “communication periods” with commanders of brigades, formations and units keeping those who need to know in the loop.

He raised no less than nine issues pertinent to the SA Army for his latest information session at the School of Armour in Bloemfontein’s Tempe. Officers including those from the landward force’s 153 units heard about internal audit division findings, asset management exceptions, progress on the SA Army stocktake, rectifications, security measures, commercialisation, the 2022 military skills development (MSD) intake, officers’ formative selection process and aspects pertinent to the Reserve Force, SA Army Corporate Communication reports.

The landward force communicators note the Chief’s “communication periods” set out the basis for brigades and formations to “properly fulfil their oversight roles” and “set a new pace” to meet objectives.

Other focus points were “the creed of an officer”, the roles of General Officers Commanding (GOCs), the Officers Commanding Forum and outstanding accountability management committee matters.

Mbatha gave those present insight into what he sees as the strategic approach needed to enable his service “attain its immediate ambitions for the future”. He wants his commanders to “review, monitor and re-align” the path taken to date so that “challenges” can be “assuaged” to prevent any impact on performance.

SA Army traditions and cultures were also in Mbatha’s agenda. These, he said, must be exercised at all times as well as ensuring the state of security in units is up to the required level.