Lobese to address poor morale in the SA Navy


Speaking during a South African Navy 20 year long service medal parade in Simons Town on the last day of February, SA Navy Chief, Vice Admiral Monde Lobese, said he is addressing issues of poor morale, and encouraged members to better themselves through training overseas.

“Unfortunately, I have noticed recently that there are many people who decide to resign from the Navy, or not to renew their contracts,” he told the parade.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, do not be tempted by money to leave the organisation that have trained you, and that have turned you into the person that you are. Do you remember what I told the Fleet on the steps of Fleet Command Building on 30 November 2022? I said that I am aware of the fact that there are matters affecting your morale, and I promised that I will address these issues, along with the members of the Navy Command Council.

“I also said that I am aware that the SA Navy is in Intensive Care, because we are not sending our ships to sea. To change this situation around was – and still is – my biggest priority. I know that the technical staff amongst you are frustrated because we are always waiting for contractors to come and fix our ships. I will admit that I am also frustrated with the slow progress we are making in this regard, but at least I can report that there is progress,” Lobese said.

He encouraged those at the parade to study further and expand their skills. “When I was younger, I was blessed to have had the opportunity to complete my education and training in the USSR. I know first-hand the importance and benefit of training overseas. This allows you to learn from larger and more established Navies, and to plough this experience back into our Navy.

“We are part of a much larger international family of the seas. Many of the Navies offer training opportunities to our members at little or no cost to us.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I said that I will reward those members who do extra work. I urge you all to go and apply for your official passports, because I want to send many of you on these Foreign Learning Opportunities. You have to realise that should you be selected to study overseas, you will have to sign an additional contract that you will plough back what you have learned into the SA Navy,” Lobese told the SA Navy personnel in attendance in Simons Town.