Infantry School welcomes 2024 MSD recruits


The landward force component of this year’s military skills development (MSD) intake arrived at the SA Army Infantry School this week where, in addition to base familiarisation, new recruits were given insight on the zero tolerance approach of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) to “any form of harassment”.

The presentation by senior officers of the SA Army Human Resources Directorate was, according to SA Army Corporate Communication, “crucial” in providing background and information on issues ranging from bullying to sexual harassment. It was attended by recruits and the instructors who will be responsible for basic military training (BMT) at the Oudtshoorn facility.

Colonel Lydia Raadt stressed the zero tolerance policy saying it included preventive measures, reporting mechanisms and the importance of creating “a respectful and inclusive environment in the ranks”.

“This proactive approach to critical issues reflects the commitment of the military leadership to uphold ethical standards and ensure the well-being of its members, contributing to a safer and more respectful military culture,” the SA Army Corporate Communication report reads.

Another report on the arrival of the 2024 intake at Infantry School has it the combined efforts of Raadt and Brigadier General Gladys Soldaat “underscored the military’s dedication to the holistic development of recruits, emphasising professional and personal aspects”.