High pass rate for Army junior officers’ formative course


The landward force looks to be in a good place for the future when taking into account the high pass rate of candidate officers who completed the SA Army formative officers’ course at the Army Gymnasium.

A hundred and sixty-eight candidate officers, representing the majority of formations making up the SA Army, were selected for the course with only four not making the grade for the six month-long sojourn in Heidelberg.

Addressing the successful candidates, who now earn their second lieutenant single pip, Chief Army Corporate Services Major General Rene Mercuur, at the graduation ceremony on 15 June said “nothing was made easy” with hardship in the form of both academic and physical work.

She further informed those on parade they are at the culmination of phase one training for the officer corps of the landward force. “You are now expected to take the responsibility of leading men and women in uniform.” Mercuur told the newly minted second lieutenants they had to show commitment, impeccable leadership and successfully execute urgent tasks and missions meticulously, effectively, efficiently and in the most economical way.

Twelve junior officers, not named in a report by Colonel Sammy Mosiane, SSO, SA Army Corporate Communication, were honoured with awards for achievements on course.