Fraudulent Reserve Force call-ups board of inquiry report completed


A report set to have far-reaching consequences on the Reserve Force call-up system is currently undergoing legal review and scrutiny ahead of being handed to SA Army Chief, Lieutenant General Lindile Yam.

The report is that of the board of inquiry (BOI) into fraudulent Reserve Force call-ups chaired by SA Army Reserves Chief, Brigadier General Gerhard Kamffer.

He told defenceWeb the BOI was finalised “but we are still busy with some technical issues, including a legal review. This is a very serious and sensitive issue and the BOI cannot afford to make any mistakes in respect of the legal and other processes followed”.

Last month SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief Reserves, Major General Roy Andersen, said the work done by the BOI would mean an end to fraudulent call-ups in the Reserve Force.

The country’s top part-time soldier, who stressed he was not connected in any way to the BOI, said he understood it contained “about 30 recommendations” to put an end to the practice of fraudulent call-ups.

The BOI put the whole issue of Reserve Force call-ups under the microscope with a careful and thorough examination of who, what and why.

Andersen sees the BOI showing trends, if any, as far as the number of call-ups per specific Reserve force member and allowing for the removal of the “old and sick” from the Persol system. He added if a part-time soldier was found to have been called up more often, it did not necessarily indicate any possible criminal offence – “it could be the man or woman is a good soldier and is called up more often because the service given is valuable”.

Kamffer stressed any decisions regarding the BOI report would be in the hands of CArmy. “He has to decide how he is going to handle it, via a possible press release as well as what information it will contain as to findings and recommendations”.