Forty-four fraud and corruption related cases reported in the military


That the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), under the leadership of General Solly Shoke, is serious about putting an end to fraud and corruption at all levels is shown by the existence of a directorate whose sole aim is to stop these two crimes.

The Directorate Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud (DACAF) is a nodal point in the Department of Defence (DoD) responsible for, among others, forensic auditing. It also ensures evidence of corruption and fraud is handed to the SANDF’s Military Police Division (MPD) for further investigation.

With arrests and further investigation underway into two fraud and corruption cases involving what DoD head of communications, Siphiwe Dlamini, has called “general officers last year saw finalisation of 44 corruption and fraud cases in the DoD/SANDF. Three of these were brought to DACAF’s attention by the national anti-corruption hotline with the remaining 41 reported on the DoD’s own anti-corruption hotline.

The DoD annual report for 2016/17 notes a total of 178 new fraud and corruption cases reported with by far the majority – 113 – being brought directly to the attention of military police, rather than through the whistleblowing mechanisms of hotlines.

Convictions did not match the number of cases reported with only 13 finalised with guilty verdicts. The report does not give any indication of sentences and/or fines. Additionally defendants in two cases were found not guilty and 57 cases were withdrawn. Again, no further information as to a lack of evidence or other reasons is given for the withdrawal.

More than ten thousand DoD and SANDF employees/soldiers attended courses on corruption and fraud education in a further effort to stimulate awareness about these crimes and the detrimental effect they have on operational and other efficiencies.

Anti-corruption education and fraud prevention awareness were the main thrust of a number of roadshows presented nationally. The awareness sessions, the DoD annual report notes, “contributed positively to assist members in reporting fraudulent activities on the Whistle Blow Hotline, which supported the governmental imperative of zero tolerance to corruption and fraud related incidents”.