Force prep exercise for 16 Maintenance Unit


The newest addition to the list of SA Army units to be part of the force preparation exercise Madulo is 16 Maintenance Unit, one of eight in the Support Formation.

SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Directorate Corporate Communication (DCC) has it the three-month training exercise aims “to qualify learners from three SA Army courses and other services in order to operate in various roles at different levels of command”.

The specialist communication entity notes further, in response to a defenceWeb inquiry, the exercise is not meant for continental deployment and is staged at the SA Army Combat Training Centre (CTC) in Northern Cape.

This contrasts with what a 43 SA Brigade communication officer reported in March of jungle warfare orientation training at Entabeni in Limpopo. The 16 February to 21 March training was “to prepare 4 SA Infantry (SAI) Battalion (Task Force Charlie) and quick reaction force (QRF) with the objective of realising lasting peace and stability in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and … Mozambique”. Validation of operational procedures including operational concepts and combat readiness are baseline objectives of Exercise Madulo, the SANDF reported at the time.

Pre-deployment training for 4 SAI covered elements such as protecting civilians, civil-military co-operation, fighting in built-up areas (FIBUA) as well as river and swamp crossings, better done in sub-tropical Limpopo rather than semi-desert Northern Cape.

Ahead of taking on the rigours of the force preparation exercise Madulo, 16 Maintenance Unit personnel gathered on 8 September for an operational dinner, termed a “symbolic military tradition” by the unit’s communication officer, Lieutenant Selogile Leshage.