First SA Army Command Cadre conference of 2023


Assets – human and equipment – were among issues discussed at the just ended first SA Army Extended Command Cadre Conference in Thaba Tshwane.

The conference at the SA Army College was “a bid to increase the overall quality of service [in the landward force] to a new level of excellence,” SA Army Corporate Communication reported.

Other agenda topics were an intelligence briefing on regional, continental and global “trends”; an overview of the capability of Cabinet’s defence and security cluster; commercialised mess management; financial compliance and board of inquiry (BOI) status.

On personnel, the conference gave attention to the mobility exit mechanism (MEM), “leave qualifications” and the selection process for officers, with Parliament rating its own agenda item under the heading “Management of parliamentary matters in the SA National Defence Force (SANDF)”.

The conference was attended by what is termed the “leadership group” of the landward force. Present were SA Army Chief Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha and Chief Directors, General Officers Commanding, Unit Commanders, Regimental Sergeant Majors and other Warrant Officers.

Reporting on Mbatha’s keynote address the official communicators had it the three-star was in command of a force that is now “an indomitable one” in the African battlespace. This thanks to “many successful projects”, which were unnamed.

His closing remarks to the week-long conference included a call to “go back to units, brigades, formations and directorates and knuckle down into serious business and deliver”.

“The session afforded a golden opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices and triumphs of the past fiscal year. It was an occasion to ponder on new ways and means of furthering our mission and a time to reaffirm commitment to our constitutional mandate,” SA Army Corporate Communication reports Mbatha telling those in attendance.