Ex Ndlovu underway


The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is to test its reaction capability from today. The SANDF’s force employment strategy dictates that the military test its reaction capability every four years.

The previous exercise of this nature was held in 2006 but due to the hosting of the Southern African Development Community standby brigade Exercise Golfinho in 2009 and the FIFA Soccer World Cup the next year the event was shifted to this year.

Ndlovu started this morning with the first elements starting a tactical road movement to the two mayor assembly areas – in Potchefstroom and Bloemfontein respectively. Military convoys will converge on these two centers from 36 different units based all over South Africa. The exercise will be executed by 43 SA Brigade, 46 SA Brigade and a Joint Maritime Task Group reporting to an Exercise Joint Task Force Headquarters situated in Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

The exercise will be focused on the theatre level and be executed at the campaign level, while allowing the achievement of objectives and participation of Services and divisions in a joint manner, the military says in a statement.
“The exercise is designed to execute and practice various aspects of strategic, operational, tactical and technical military actions within the campaign with the main emphasis on command and control procedures. These aspects of operations are to be exercised to enhance the joint operational preparedness of the SANDF.
“The landward focus of this exercise will be in the Northern Cape with smaller maritime elements and Special Forces operating in the St Helena Bay area in the Western Cape. The exercise will be scenario driven with the strategic objective to establish the capacity to stabilise a failed state by means of an early intervention by a mission-trained South African Force.”

The exercise culminates in a final show down of participating forces on November 17 at the SA Army Combat Training Centre in Lohatlha, Northern Cape. Convoy movement back to home units will be concluded on November 22.