DoD, SANDF December pay packets will be fatter


The seventy thousand plus Department of Defence (DoD) and SA National Defence Force (SANDF) uniformed personnel and their civilian colleagues have a better than normal pay packet to look forward to come next Thursday.

Mid-month is payday for government employees and this includes airmen, military medics, sailors and soldier. This month’s payslips will reflect a three percent salary increase – backdated to April.

On the other side of the ledger, the bean counters responsible for judicious spending of the defence budget will be scratching heads. The constrained defence budget – with well over half of it going to pay salaries (Compensation of Employees) – and the increase with nine months added will create more “challenges” for Minister Thandi Modise and DoD accounting officer Secretary for Defence Gladys Kudjoe.

The country’s largest defence labour organisation – Sandu (SA National Defence Union) – advises its members to ensure their payslips and bank accounts reflect the true situation as soon as salaries are paid on 15 December.

At the same time the Pretoria-headquartered trade union tells its members the increase was “a unilateral action” by the State as employer. “Sandu supported the soonest implementation on condition that any further increases that might be achieved by public service unions’ actions must also be implemented for Sandu members in the SANDF”.

The union supports other public service unions’ demands for a 10% salary increase, a notice said, adding Sandu will be negotiating salary increases in the Military Bargaining Council (MBC) for the next financial year.