DoD civilian employees back in office


The corridors and offices of Department of Defence (DoD) and SA National Defence Force (SANDF) facilities are no longer only populated by uniformed personnel – some Public Service Act personnel (PSAP) are again office-bound.

DoD head of communication Siphiwe Dlamini said the recall did not apply to all civilians working for the department and the national defence force.

“The recall is being done in a staggered or phased approach determined in line with the COVID-19 health protocol,” he said adding heads of services and divisions and other responsible managers will recall staff as needed.

This recall does not end the working from home circumstance now ops normal in many businesses, offices and other places of employment.

“Some staff will continue working from home. Others may be called in in a staggered manner, for example, shifts. This makes it difficult to say how many people would be physically in office at any given time. It’s better to say work will be done,” he said.

The health protocols call for scanners, sanitisers and masks to be in place and freely available at units, divisions, service and Defence headquarters.