Department of Defence warns of recruitment scam in Western Cape


The Department of Defence has issued a warning to the public about a scam that has surfaced in the Western Cape whereby people are promised hoax employment in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

The perpetrators of the scam invite the public to pay money with the promise of getting employment in the SANDF through its Military Skills Development System (MSDS), the Department of Defence (DoD) said yesterday.
“The Department is aware of such a scam and is urging the public not to fall prey to such misinformation. Currently the alleged suspects are operating around the Western Cape.
“The Department would like to inform the public that it does not cost money to join the SANDF. Members of the public are urged to report such activities to the SAPS if any person or persons solicit money from them with the promise of a job in the SANDF.”

The DoD issued a similar warning for the Western Cape in August last year, saying that the perpetrators promised employment in the SANDF after receiving between R300 and R500 from their victims. Alleged suspects were operating at Mfuleni, Paarl (Smartie Town), Eerste Rivier and Khayelitsha.

In October 2009 a similar warning was issued for Mpumalanga Province, when scammers promised jobs for fees ranging between R100 and R300. As a result of the fraud, the department of defence cancelled a selection process for invited candidates, which was scheduled for the 5th to 9th October 2009 at Nelspruit in Mpumalanga.