Denel ISM upgrading Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre in conjunction with Airbus


In its first new project, Denel Integrated Systems & Maritime (Denel ISM), supported by Airbus Defence and Space, is equipping the South African Air Force’s (SAAF’s) Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC) with image analysis tools.

Airbus Defence and Space will deliver various components of its ACTINT (ACTionable INTelligence) reconnaissance evaluation software to Denel ISM, which as prime contractor and system integrator will create a system tailored to the SAAF’s needs. Deliveries to Denel ISM are scheduled to be concluded beginning 2016, Denel said in a statement issued today.

Airbus provides various ACTINT services from satellite images, ground stations, maps and image analysis to data storage and distribution. “ACTINT is a software tool for acquisition, processing and dissemination of information. It provides security and defence forces with dedicated information based on raw data from different intelligence sources and specific data bases,” the Denel statement said.

However, what Airbus will deliver is not a turnkey solution as Denel ISM will use various components to build a South Africa-specific system.
“Based on our longstanding cooperation with the world’s most advanced armed forces, we have developed extremely refined image evaluation algorithms,” said Evert Dudok, Head of the Communications, Intelligence and Security Business Line at Airbus Defence and Space. “This capability provides our customers with an extraordinarily precise and comprehensive situation picture in near-real time.”
“We are very excited to be playing a lead role in this project,” said Ismail Dockrat, CEO of recently established Denel Group division Denel ISM. “This project builds on our track record on the GBADS (Ground Based Air Defence System) programme. It fits in with one of our key strategic objectives, which is to be custodian of sovereign capabilities for the Department of Defence and to play a lead systems integration role in this environment.”

JARIC was established in 1967 at AFB Swartkop and in 1988 became the unit responsible for Air Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence training in the SAAF, a task previously performed by the Air Force College. It was later transferred to Air Force Base Waterkloof in 1990.

JARIC’s three main roles are image intelligence (exploitation of imagery, from diverse imagery sources within and outside the military, with the specific purpose of producing image intelligence for the SANDF), image intelligence support (supplying imagery-based geo-spatial information to the SANDF) and air intelligence training.

The Department of Defence us upgrading/replacing the military image interpretation and exploitation capability at JARIC under Project Achilles, which was launched in 2004 to ensure that JARIC remained up to date with the latest technology.