Defence Review – no money, so no implementation


The effort put into what was originally the Defence Review 2012 and subsequently renamed Defence Review 2015 looks to be down the drain as the latest Department of Defence (DoD) annual report notes a lack of funding is preventing implementation.

Milestone One of the Review to arrest the decline in the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) is the first stage in what is hoped to be a complete revitalisation of the South African military machine.

In a section headlined, in part, “implementation within financial year 2017/17 resource allocation”, the report notes “cost-driven components of the plan to arrest the decline in defence capabilities remain unfunded”.

This is also reflected by Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Defence which, according to the DoD report, endorsed the plan to arrest the decline but “expressed concerns on the magnitude of the short term funding requirements”.

The report further notes “the full cost of all deliverables in the DoD Plan to Arrest the Decline was refined and the funding requirement consulted with National Treasury”.

Minister Mapisa-Nqakula’s department also “pursued engagements with the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation to position implementation of the Defence Review as a priority on the ‘Mandate Paper” for funding over the next medium term strategic framework”.

All would appear to be on hold because, according to the report, “funding implementation of the Defence Review is unfortunately not a priority in the ‘2018 Mandate Paper’ and as such critical cost-driven components of the plan remain unfunded”.