Chief Director Military Health Force Preparation visits SA National War College


The Chief Director Military Health Force Preparation, Major General Ntshavheni Maphaha, has paid a visit to the South African National War College and addressed student officers.

He gave an address on 1 April to the Joint Senior Command and Staff Programme 2021 on behalf of the Surgeon General of the South African National Defence Force. His address was followed by South African Military Health Service presentations from Military Health Plan and Military Health Operations.

The visit was intended to uplift morale and show support to continue with official engagements. Maphaha said the visit was a gesture to remind those that they are soldiers first, before any other profession.

He noted that it’s been over a year since Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Cyril Ramaphosa declared the national lockdown but the SAMHS is still fighting the invisible enemy of COVID-19, which continues to attack and kill indiscriminately. Maphaha said dedication and determination are the cornerstone of ensuring a successful result of this marathon against the virus.

Maphaha said the SAMHS continues to make a major contribution to force protection, sustainability and the moral component of fighting power. While medical care is an important element of maintaining health, the actions of many other agencies also have important responsibilities in the area.

He noted that although the SAMHS has a moral and legal duty to provide health services support for own troops, the issue of downscaled budget allocations makes it difficult at times for the SAMHS to provide full medical capabilities to all internal and external stakeholders at the same time. He said efforts are made to best use the limited resources at the disposal of the SAMHS.

He concluded by wishing the students the best for their studies in the current academic year.