Camo bus for Lohathla school kids


Children of SA Army staffers at Combat Training Centre (CTC) in Northern Cape have a new bus – painted in camouflage – as a reminder of who they are and belong to on the daily trip between Lohathla and Postmasburg.

CTC Communication personnel report people living in the Maremane family quarters were struggling with a school bus for their children. Thanks to the intervention of SA Army Chief, Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha, this changed. Training Formation Officer Commanding Brigadier General DM Madie “retrieved” a 60 seater bus for refurbishment.

“The refurbishment was done well and the bus looks like new,” the CTC communication officers report without indicating if it was done on the base and by whom.

The bus, Madie stressed, will only be used as a school bus “and nothing else”.

Parents will, according to him, take responsibility for the bus as far as cleaning and maintenance is concerned. They are also tasked with teaching bus passengers the ins and outs of using a bus and not endangering others onboard. “This includes no ill behaviour as we strive to build a nation together,” the one-star is reported as saying.