Brazilians help SANDF soldiers get ready for jungle warfare


Members of the South African National Defence Force’s Quick Reaction Force (QRF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have concluded a jungle warfare training course held by their Brazilian counterparts to better prepare them for conflict in the tropical country.

The fourth of August marked the end of the three-week long jungle warfare training course, and a certificate ceremony for QRF II, which is under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Thiathu Eugene Liphadzi, reports Lieutenant Argent Divhambele and 2nd Lieutenant Patricia Duduzile Khoza.

The course was presented by the Jungle Warfare Mobile Training Team from Brazil and covered Jungle Tactics, Immediate Action Drills, Defence Tactics, Fast Roping and Day/Night navigation. It concluded at the Quick Reaction Force II Base in Mavivi, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Liphadzi thanked the instructors for the knowledge they shared with the South African soldiers while Brazilian Jungle Warfare Mobile Training Team Commander Lieutenant Colonel Luis Henrique Dórea said the South African soldiers were well behaved and showed good tactical skills. Dórea wished the South African troops the best for upcoming operations.

Brazilian troops regularly assist deployed SANDF troops with jungle warfare training while in the DRC – South African soldiers also undergo jungle warfare training in South Africa before deploying.

The South African QRF is one of three attached to the MONUSCO Force Intervention Brigade (FIB). The QRFs operate as part of the three-nation staffed FIB, but are not bound to be part of all its tasking.