Army command told people are its major asset


General Rudzani Maphwanya, SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief, used an Extended Army Command Council (EACC) meeting in Oudtshoorn to stress the importance of the landward force’s most valued asset – its man- and woman power.

He told the council’s general and staff officers meeting at Infantry School commanders at all levels must take responsibility for development and career management of what is now seemingly termed “the junior ranks”.

He is reported by an SA Army social media writer as saying: “An appropriate human resource strategy must be in place to ensure proper utilisation of members appointing them in accordance with their expertise”.

“He commended the Army for progress in restoring the hopes of members who served for lengthy periods in their ranks by empowering, appointing and promoting them in relevant posts and ensuring relevant utilisation. Additionally, commanders were encouraged to maintain personal integrity and nature (sic, should be ‘nurture’) young members needing mentoring and coaching in shaping their military careers.”

Maphwanya went on record appreciation to those responsible for, among others operational ability and efficiency in the landward force, the effort expended during Operation Notlela. The months-long operation saw thousands of soldiers and other military personnel deployed in support of government efforts to minimise the spread of COVID-19 via lockdowns, restrictions on travel and other disaster management regulations.

As is by now standard operating procedure for a financially hamstrung national defence force having to live and work in pecuniary disadvantaged circumstances, Maphwanya said the Army “executed tasks under serious financial constraints”.

“This again demonstrates the Army is optimistic, more than willing and ready to go the extra mile.”