Armscor tenders – from battleships to buttons


The high tech that many see the defence and security sector as being would not be possible without the support of basics as evidenced from the Armscor tender list.

There are the biggies, currently a replacement for the SA Navy hydrographic vessel, SAS Protea, and a refit of the Valour Class frigate, SAs Isandlwana, but then there is also what could be termed the nuts and bolts that keep the various component of the SA National Defence Force and Armscor various specialist institutes going.

These are not the high-profile, glamourous ones. These are for services such as lifting equipment; supply and delivery of panel vans; plumbing services at (among others) the Institute for Maritime Technology in Simon’s town supplying galvanising services, this one for the Dockyard also at Simon’s town; catering and lodging services right down to the sale of scrap IT equipment.

There is also the routine allied to the proper functioning of offices, no matter what work is undertaken in them. This sees Armscor putting out tenders for electrical services as well as for servicing and maintaining firefighting equipment in buildings. Another in the firefighting category sees the acquisition agency looking for suppliers of firefighting coveralls for use by Navy personnel.

The services of pest control specialists are also needed to ensure those working on projects to ensure South Africa’s continued safety and security do not have to be concerned about bugs or, worse in the form of vermin, in their office space.

Windows also have to be cleaned and kitchen drains deep-cleaned and these are also listed on the Armscor tender bulletin. In many instances pre-tender site meetings are a prerequisite so that potential tenderers can properly acquaint themselves with the scope and extent of work they are tendering for.

Also listed are some of those items which make a soldier’s life that little bit better, including socks (important especially for the infantry) and water bottles (another vital piece of equipment).

Then a list of three brings one back to what the military is all about. Item one is for the procurement of different power rated Yamaha outboard engines for use by Special Forces. Item two is for procurement kayak spares and accessories, again for Special Forces use, and item three seeks suppliers of rebreathers, also for Special Forces.