Armscor seeking multiple rocket launchers


Armscor has issued a tender for the acquisition of six Type 63 107 mm multiple rocket launchers (MRLs).

The request for offers was issued on 14 August and closes on 5 September. The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) uses the system as a number of launchers were captured in Angola during the Bush War and rockets manufactured locally by Mechem, Rheinmetall Denel Munition, Aserma and Fuchs. Mechem Developments some years ago also manufactured a copy of the launcher as the RO 107.

The Type 63 is a towed, 12 tube launcher produced by China from the 1960s – it is still in service with China’s military as well as a large number of export customers. It can fire high explosive, high explosive incendiary and high explosive fragmentation rockets with a 1.3 kg warhead out to a range of 8 500 metres.

Armscor has also issued tenders for machineguns and Milan anti-tank missile support. The Milan tender, for “operating support of the Milan 3 ADT man portable missile system (including firing unit and training simulator)” is for the 2017/18 to 2020/21 financial years. It covers project maintenance, quality assurance, maintenance and repair and user support. The tender, issued on 10 August, closes on 1 September.

Armscor recently issued another tender, on 11 August, for the procurement of two 12.7 mm Kord machineguns and accessories. It is not clear where the machineguns are destined for, as the delivery address is only Wallmansthal, but they are most likely for Special Forces or for training purposes. Armscor previously acquired Kord machineguns from Russia, awarding a contract in 2011.

The Kord is a Russian 12.7×108 mm gas operated heavy machinegun that entered service in 1998, replacing the NSV. The Armscor tender stipulates accessories to be supplied will include a 12.7×99 mm NATO conversion kit – it is not clear if the weapon will be used solely in NATO calibre or not.

This tender closes on 4 September.