Armscor seeking live simulation training capability for the SA Army


Armscor has issued a tender for the procurement of a live simulation capability for force on force training for the SA Army.

In a request for offer issued on 7 February, Armscor said the system to be acquired must be fully integrated with the current live simulation capability used by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), including its Saab Gamer ManPack small arms transmitters, personal detection devices, helmet sensors, blank firing attachments and radios.

In explaining the rationale for the acquisition, Armscor said “the high cost of prime mission equipment, ammunition and conducting force preparation exercises necessitates the utilisation of simulation products in the SA Army to augment live training in the absence of live exercises or training.
“Force on force live simulation as an integral part of the simulation plan that consists of virtual constructive and live played a very important role during the mission readiness training (MRT) for both external and internal missions. A number of simulation systems have been in service in the SA Army for many years, and it has been of great benefit to the force preparation function of the landward defence environment. One of the shortcomings, however, was the lack of simulation equipment to do force-on-force training.
“The SA Army’s requirement is to purchase more of this equipment for the use of force-on-force training technology. In order to reach or satisfy the growing need for this equipment in the SA Army, a new requirement for the second medium term should be in place to meet the future challenges.
“It is envisaged that technology evaluation must be part of the process in order to arrive at a scientifically based answer. A positive application of this technology in the SA Army has been established in order to define a user requirement statement (URS) to be able to fund this system even in the future,” Armscor said.

In order for the technology to be used successfully, Armscor said it must be locally supportable, compatible with existing systems, be able to be integrated into other SA Army training systems, be cost effective, easy to operate and able to be expanded over time. For instance it must be able to introduce personal weapons, instrumented tanks, artillery, armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-tank weapons, mortars, grenade launchers and improvised explosive devices in the future.

Armscor said the system must support the SA Army to train tactics up to infantry battalion level strength in an outdoor environment with instrumented weapons. It must provide for a limited own force and opposing force element of a company level up to 110 instrumented weapons.

The system must be able to track moving people and objects in real time and outdoors and monitor an area of interest over three square kilometres. Casualty evacuation and injuries will also need to be simulated.

Weapons will need to be modified with laser firing attachments, with modifications to R4/R5 assault rifles, 9 mm weapons, and machineguns. Accuracy for this will need to be within .5 metres.

An important requirement is that the system will need to have a comprehensive after action review capability.

Future requirements call for the system to track participants indoors as well as outdoors, simulate behind wall ballistic protective characteristics, and model chemical contamination.

The requirements mean Armscor will need several hundred personal detection devices and small arms transmitters.

The tender closes on 28 February.

The SANDF uses a number of simulation training systems, including indoor shooting simulators, driver and pilot simulators, and Gamer manpack live simulation and BattleTek simulation training systems.