Arms Deal commission evidence leader not guilty of perjury


Allegations that Arms Procurement Commission evidence leader Simmy Lebala is guilty of perjury are just that – allegations – the Commission’s spokesman has said.

Responding to a statement issued by Freedom Front Plus (FF+) defence spokesman Pieter Groenewald, William Baloyi said it was “based on a misrepresentation of facts and is false”.

Earlier this week Groenewald said Lebala, who yesterday led SA Navy Chief of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Rusty Higgs in his evidence to the Commission, was guilty of perjury. He apparently committed the offence during a case in the North Gauteng High Court between Tasima, the operators of the electronic National Traffic Administration Systems (eNATIS) and the Department of Transport. Lebala appeared for the State in the case (number A862/12).

Baloyi said of Groenewald’s statement: “It is not correct that the attorney who briefed Advocate Lebala and who attested to the supporting affidavit has been convicted of perjury.
“Although a complaint was lodged against him with the Law Society of the Northern Provinces, it related not to perjury but to other ancillary issues relating to the case. Lebala was not a witness in the matter but was counsel for the respondent. He nether attested to the affidavit not gave any evidence and could therefore not have committed perjury.
“Lebala denies he accepted responsibility for drafting the affidavit and for its contents. All he acknowledged was he had acquainted himself with the affidavit, as indeed he had to as Counsel who argued the matter for the respondent. It is noteworthy that neither the presiding judge nor anybody else for that matter had lodged a complaint against him with the Bar Council,” he said.