2 SA Battalion Alpha Company Commander and reaction team assist village under ADF attack


On 17 November 2020, the 2 South African Infantry Battalion Alpha Company Commander, based in Mai Moya, Beni, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, received an alert that the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) is attacking Kokola village, 4.3 km north of their base. In this area, there are two Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) bases which the ADF was also attacking.

The Alpha Company Commander along with a reaction team consisting of a platoon, the out outgoing Alpha Company Intelligence Officer, the Incoming Intelligence Officer, and a medical team, went to Kokola village to assist in protecting civilians and the FARDC bases.

On their arrival, they were caught in a crossfire with the Allied Democratic Force (ADF). After a few minutes of exchanging fire, the Allied Democratic Force (ADF) ran back into the jungle. The medical team assisted by attending to the wounded and took a wounded child to a military hospital in Mavivi, Beni.