Chief of the Angolan Army visits South Africa.


In the interest of maintaining military relations between African Union (AU) member states, the Chief of the SA Army, Lieutenant General Lindile Yam, hosted the Angolan Chief of the Army, Lieutenant General Gouveia Joao Sa Miranda, in a Goodwill visit at the SA Army College on 1 November.


Miranda and his generals were briefed on the strategic overview of the SA Army before the two landward forces discussed and presented on their latest defence technologies and best practices in their respective defence industries as well as how they could possibly enhance their bilateral relations. Yam stated that Miranda will be visiting some of the SA Army units as well as various companies in the South African defence industry. In commenting on the visit, Yam stated, “This [goodwill visit] is meant to strengthen that military code [between SA and Angola] which has got history, that has moved from war and now friendship.”


Miranda said he was extremely grateful for the reception and accommodation he has received and as the currently stable Angolan military continues to moves forward in achieving greater organisation and training, it will continue to build on the relationship between the landward forces of South Africa and Angola.


The visit will go into the current week as Yam added that Miranda may also go to Bloemfontein to visit airborne troops in addition to the various South African defence companies.


In an interview with defenceWeb, when Miranda was asked if the Angolan Army is interested in any South African defence products, he stated, “That’s why we are paying visit to South Africa, so that we will be able to know the products…and I would like to let you know that we have already bought South African military products which are being used in Angola”.


In 2013, Angola purchased 45 Casspir 2000Bs from South Africa, manufactured by Denel Mechem, for armoured recovery vehicle (ARV), command post, armoured personnel carrier (APC) and ambulance purposes. They were delivered between 2016 and 2017. In addition to the Casspir, Angola currently has eight MT-LB APCs, 10 WMA-301 Assaulters, five WZ-551s, approximately 200 T-55AM-2s and 11 BTR-80 APCs.


Miranda is due to depart South Africa on 8 November.