Johannesburg Regiment


The Johannesburg Regiment was founded on July 1 1951 as the 8th Field Regiment, South African Artillery. The regiment was disbanded and remustered as an infantry regiment in February 1960. The regiment was mobilised for internal stability duty that very year and saw initial service in Bloemfontein, Vereeniging and Sasolburg.

In November 1964 the City Council presented the regiment Colours and six years later bestowed on it the honour of Freedom of Entrance to the city of Johannesburg. This was largely due to the efforts of Councillor JD Opperman who became the unit’s Honorary Colonel in 1979 until he died in April 2000. The Unit Colours were officially handed over on 26 February 1966. National Colours were awarded to the Unit in October 1991 and laid up in April 1994.

Mobilisations included operations and exercises including Madimbo, Op Savannah, Caterpillar, Op Protea, Ex Thunder Chariot (1984), Op Eardrum, Op Paal, Excalibur 1&2, Eagle Hill, Kwiksilwer, Vincity and Ex Southern Cross.

A Johannesburg-based infantry unit.

Current role: Motorised infantry.

Current base: Johannesburg

Battle honours: –

Motto: Fortiter et Recte