Fact file: The SA Tactical Intelligence Corps


Commanders have always had a need for intelligence and security, but, like many other functions described in this section, this was provided in an ad hoc fashion by amateurs until quite recently. Perhaps as a result of their experiences in the Anglo South African Boer War, proposals were made in 1905 for the British to establish such a corps. The corps was only established in 1914 and was disbanded in 1929. It was reformed in 1940.

Pic: Scouts from 1 SA Intelligence Regiment check their position during a night movement to a hide on the training range at the SA Army Combat Training Centre in November 2006. The regiment is charged with battlefield surveillance.   

  • Mission: To provide verified information and analysis about enemy intentions, plans and capabilities to commanders and deny the opponent the same through pro-active counterintelligence measures and, in cooperation with the military police, security.


  • Corps colours: Red Silver Green


  • Beret colour: Black


  • Collar badge: Jackal head (White backing: formation HQ, Red backing: School, Green backing: Regiment)


  • Motto: Exploratio (To explore)


  • Brief history in SA: –





All tactical intelligence units are assigned to the SA Army Tactical Intelligence Formation under the charge of an Officer Commanding (OC).


The OC answers directly to SA Army chief Lt Gen Solly Shoke. Assisting the GOC is a

  • Chief of Staff

  • Chaplain

  • Formation Warrant Officer

  • Personal Staff


The formation is structured as follows:

  • SA Army Tactical Intelligence School, Kimberley1

  • 1 SA Tactical Intelligence Regiment, Kimberley

  • 2 SA Tactical Intelligence Regiment, Kimberley


1 Units marked in BLUE are regular fulltime service and those in RED are Reserve Force