Fact file: Regiment Mooirivier


Regiment Mooirivier is the successor to 2 Anti-Tank Regiment, captured at Matruh in June 1942, shortly after 2 SA Division, its parent, surrendered at Tobruk.

Prior to that disaster, the unit fought with distinction at Bardia, Halfaya Pass and Sollum on the Libya-Egyptian frontier in December 1941, supported the British 2 Armoured Brigade at Msus in January 1942, and 3 SA Brigade in the Gazala battles. Withdrawn to El Alamein on June 24, the unit was again pushed forward to Matruh to assist the British 50th Division. Surrounded, the gallant unit was forced to surrender, although 18 officers and 214 other ranks and 11 2-pounder anti-tank guns evaded capture. This was, however, the end of the unit.

Reconstituted in 1946, the unit was transferred from the artillery to the armour with effect from January 1956. Between 1956 and 1959 it was known as Regiment Hendrik Potgieter, after the Voortrekker leader.1

“This unit served in South Africa’s various internal conflicts as well as during its ‘Border War’, including duty in South-West Africa and trans-border operations into Angola during the periods 1975 to 1976 and 1983 to 1984.”2

Current role: Armoured car regiment.

Current base: Potchefstroom

Battle honours:

Motto: Semper Prorsum (Always Forward)

1 Major G Tylden in The Armed Forces of South Africa, City of Johannesburg Africana Museum Frank Connock Publication No 2, Johannesburg, 1954.