Fact file: CASA CN235


The South Arican Air Force operats one CN235 in the medium transport role.


Casa/IPTN Airtech CN235


Medium/tactical transport.

Countries of origin:

Spain & Indonesia

First flight:

November 11, 1983 (Spain).

Delivered to the SAAF:

April 1994.



Associated project name(s):



Pilot, co-pilot, Flight engineer/loadmaster.

Major dimensions & weights

  • Wingspan:

  • Length:

  • Height:

  • Wing area:

  • Cabin length:

  • Cabin height:

  • Cabin width:

  • Basic empty weight:

  • Max take-off weight:

  • Max landing weight:

  • Max internal fuel:

  • Max external fuel:

  • Max cargo weight:

  • Main deck useable volume:

  • Bulk volume:

  • Passengers:

  • 25.81m (70ft 2in).

  • 21.40m (84ft 8in).

  • 8.18m (26ft 10in) at tail.

  • 59.10m2 (636.17ft2).

  • 21.4m (31ft 8in).

  • 1.9m (6ft 3in).

  • 2.7m (8ft 11in).

  • 8.8mt (19,400lbs).

  • 16.5mt (36,376lbs).

  • 16.5mt (36.376lbs).

  • 5220 litres (1378 US Gallons).

  • 6mt (13,227lbs).

  • Four 88x108in pallets.

  • 44 passengers with luggage, 46 parachutists with kit, 24 stretchers.


  • Take-off to clear 15m:

  • Landing from 15m:

  • Rate of climb:

  • Service ceiling:

  • Max operating speed:

  • Max cruise speed:

  • Max range at cruise speed:

  • Stall speed:

  • G-loads:

  • Wing loading:

  • Thrust:

  • Bypass ratio:

  • Thrust/weight ratio:

  • 579m/min (1900ft/min).

  • 8110m (26,600ft).

  • 240kts (445km/h, 276mph) at sea level.

  • 248kts (460km/h, 286mph) at 4570m (15,000ft).

  • 5000km empty, 4355km (2706 miles) with a 3.6mt load, 1500km (932 miles) with max payload.

Engine Specifications

  • Make:

  • Model:

  • Type:

  • Number:

  • Compression ratio:

  • Engine diameter:

  • Engine length:

  • Dry weight:

  • Power turbine rotor speed:

  • Shaft horsepower:

  • Propeller:

Engine Specifications

  • Garrett

  • TPE331-10R-513C

  • Turboprop.

  • 2.

  • 1750 (1305kW).

Hard points:




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The SAAF inherited its CN235 in 1994 from the Bophuthatswana Defence Force Air Wing, who acquired theirs in 1991.

The type originated as a joint venture between Casa of Spain and IPTN of Indonesia, at the time manufacturing Casa 212s under license.

The CN235 sports high wings, an unswept rear fuselage with ramp and a retractable tricycle landing gear, with the rear wheels retracting into external fairings to ensure an unrestricted cabin.

A maritime patrol version exists that can carry missiles and torpedoes on up to six under-wing hard points.

Like the C212, the C235 is a short-take-off and landing aircraft with a rough field capability. It is also said to have excellent low-level flying characteristics for tactical penetration missions.