Fact file: 6 SA Infantry Battalion


Grahamstown has been home to 6SAI since January 1, 1962. The unit was established at the time to train whites conscripted for military service by ballot. The unit detached personnel for operational duty with effect from 1970.

Major operations involving 6SAI were Protea and Daisy. In the 1980s the unit was known as 6 SA Infantry Training Unit. In the current decade the unit was converted to an air assault unit, soldiers undergoing a selection similar to that for the parachute infantry and receiving specialised training, including abseiling from helicopters and hot extraction. Troops wear special harnasses for this purpose. Qualified air assault infantry are awarded a badge, similar to parachute wings, depicting a helicopter in a laurel wreath.

Current role: Air assault infantry

Current base: Grahamstown, Eastern Cape

Battle honours:

Motto: Semper Aliis Melius.